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Building memories that last a lifetime.

What our clients think :

"...There are memories that will always be in all our minds! Thank you for being a gracious host and always showing us a great time!"  Bob,Laura, and Luke Pentico

"NW Fishing Guides is one of the most professional and knowledgeable guides I have ever used. Jim's expertise in boat handling and knowledge of where and how to fish has never failed in getting us into the fish!"  Dick Figgins Owner Dick Nite Spoons Inc.

"...Having fished with Jim Stahl now for four years running, he never stops working to put you on the fish. Jim has provided my friends and I with great memories and lots of limits. I fish steelhead with the best in the Northwest and that's Jim Stahl."  John W. Lockwood Rear Admiral, USCG Ret.

"NW Fishing Guides has been very special to my family. Jim has always been so kind, patient and accommodating that I truly have no words to say how much it means to me. I can only thank you so very much."  Corky Hawkins

" I highly recommend Jim and Jennifer Stahl of NW Fishing Guides. Jim's knowledge, professionalism, and personality is what keeps me coming back."  Mike Pentony Detective, Bellevue Police Dept.  

"...You won't find anyone as good as Jim is when it comes to explaining the what's and whys of each method you're using, boat operation, the water you're covering, and making you feel like you're a team out there rather than just another client."  Jesse Llera and son Niko

"I really appreciate you & Jennifer and I really appreciate all the extra effort you give! I can't fish often, but when I do it does so much for me. I really appreciate you and the joy fishing with you brings."  Matthew Weston, Fowler Portraits


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our facebook page linkdin
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